Apple Pie Egg Rolls

I dont know about all of you, but i am in the mood for fall like nobodies business! i want to put my jackets back on, i want to buy my first boots for the year (not including my incredibly fashionable hunting boots!) and i want my house to have the aroma of a crisp fall morning ALL THE TIME!! i love spring and summer but there is nothing like fall to give me "that" feeling!
long story short, i have been CRAVING apple pie. not tolerating the crust well because of the crisco/butter/fat in it, and crust tasting like paste made with coconut oil, i decided it was time to get crafty to fulfill my favorite fall flava; Apple pie egg rolls.....

bear with me...there is always the one person i can trust to be honest...not brutal, just honest, with my cooking...lucky me, its the husband. i sat and starred when he bit into this and other than opening his mouth once to let the steam out (he always takes too big of bites when things  are hot) the other times he opened his mouth, the comments about this experiment were positive. who knew i had it in me. :)

and i wont lie...it was purdy darn simple...but i always love cooking with egg roll wrappers! :)

here's what you'll need:

egg roll wrappers (just as many as you want to prepare)
apple pie filling (i only used half of the big can)
sugar/cinnamon mix
coconut oil.

start by pre heating your coconut oil over MEDIUM/LOW heat...if you're cool like me, you'll be stupid and end up with a few burn marks. MEANWHILE, take out your first egg roll wrapper and add a scoop of apple pie filling. top it with a dash of nutmeg and a GENEROUS amount of  sugar/cinnamon mix.
it only LOOKS like raw egg. :) i promise its not
you then are going to wrap it like an egg roll. :) if you are confused about how to do this, refer to the wrapper or how you roll a burrito, or how they wrap sandwiches at subway. ;) not difficult. just make sure its sealed! :) 

this is when you drop it in the oil. :)

its optional, but i added PLENTY of sugar/cinnamon mix on top and in the oil while it was frying. :) it kind of gave it a caramelized texture! cook until both sides are crispy and viola!! top it with some whipped topping and you're good to go...i imagine ice cream would be delicious as well, but i wont be the one reviewing that. :) if anyones up for that lemme know! :)

i simply adore fall...i dont know if i mentioned that. ;) but this definitely satisfied the cravings without all the sickening oils. coconut oil, in a pure form, is one of the healthiest oils you can have...so i dont feel the slightest bit guilty about this fried delight! :) if you try different things are have any variations, let me know!!

happy cooking and happy fall!!! (crossing fingers it gets there soon!!)

<3 KBS

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