So Easy...A Caveman Could Do It????

so, this word: paleo, has been floating around my personal atmosphere lately. It all started when i attended a gluten free convention spur of the moment. i have a preschooler who is gluten intolerant i decided i wanted to learn more. :) the convention was fun and i added my name to SO many mailer lists. one that i constantly get is called paleo for athletes. i'd skim though the e mail thinking it was cool but my research hadn't been done extensively as to what any of that meant....and i am FAR from an athlete....
later, the same month as the convention, i was with one of my best friends from my old job. being the gossip queen i am, we talked all night about the old work place and who was doing what and what dirt was on who. (oddly enough, my husband just got "transferred"  to that dealership so now i get all around gossip. :)) well, as we were talking, my friend was telling me that one of my old co workers was doing the "paleo diet" i knew i had heard of it but not having enough nutmeg recently (i recently discovered nutmeg is good for brain functionality) i couldn't remember where i had heard (read) it. ...that was until the next weekly e mail.
i asked my friend what THAT diet entailed and she said: "basically, if a caveman wouldn't have eaten it...he wont eat it!"
being my assumptive little self, i imagined this co-worker ONLY eating raw slabs of bison and deer. and i cringed at the idea of that crazy diet! BUT once i saw my weekly paleo email a few days later, i decided to look into it more. its probably evident by the nutmeg comment that i am constantly looking at natures health benefits...pumpkin, for example, can help aide in weight loss because it keeps you fuller longer...who knew???
anywho! i have spent the last two days researching do's and don'ts of the paleo diet and i am so excited! i ran into a site called elena's pantry. now, i already ordered a paleo diet cookbook...but i wasn't even sure what i was getting myself into. i was starting to decide i was afraid of this diet...but then i stumbled upon elenas pantry while on a work lunch break, i felt so excited to try this! here's a basic outline of the do's and don'ts:

eat lots of veggies
eat lots of fruit
eat free range eggs
eat grass fed, free range meats (why thank you hunter husband!)
eat oils such as: coconut, olive, grapeseed etc.
EAT ALL NATURAL FOODS! the foods you eat shouldn't be processed, canned or altered in any way! if a caveman couldn't have eaten it...don't eat it!!

dont eat processed food (in any way shape or form!!)
dont eat dairy
dont eat grains
dont eat peanuts
dont eat sugar
dont eat unapproved oils
dont eat carbs

i know this sounds like taking away anything that tastes good...but check out elenas pantry....she seriously had some of the best looking recipes on there! it made me hungry...and lets admit it...not often can "diet" food make a food lover like me hungry! :)
so, here it is...i have decided to be a guinea pig to this "diet" for at LEAST three months starting november first. during that time i am going to document how it made me feel/energy levels/crohns symptoms etc. i figure the WORST that could happen is saving myself from the holiday treats. :) come February i will see how i am feeling to see if "the greatest diet known to man" is really just that. this isn't a diet i am trying for weight loss (though i won't complain)...this is a diet i am trying for health. when a diet makes sense to me logically and not scientifically...i'm all in. :)
early dwellers in this world were a lot less disease ridden than we are today. they didn't have all of the chemically produced foods that we put into our bodies....and we are the only species that still drinks milk after infancy...as good as a hotdog or bacon may sound...i choose to have more respect for my body than that!
but the question is: is it so easy that a caveman could do it? well, they did it back then and i have faith i can do it now. :)
wish me luck!!
here's to higher health!

<3 KBS

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