Pizza Pennies

okay, so i just decided to call these pizza pennies because i like alliterations. they're SLIGHTLY bigger than pennies....slightly ;) this HAS to be the simplest recipe ever! and it seems to be a crowd pleaser of the young and old! i cant wait til i have little munchkins...i am going to use this for birthday parties and let the kids seriously make their own personal pizza....but for right now i just married a human disposal so we don't treat it like a pizza bar...we treat it as a "eat it or not" bar and i just pick the toppings. :)

here's what you'll need!

  • 1 pkg buttermilk buiscuts (i get the smiths brand and only spend like .52 cents on them.)
  • pizza sauce recipe (i'll add one, or you can even just buy the jar of sauce at the store...however, my moms pizza sauce is addicting. i could drink it!)
  • cheese
  • toppings (i normally just put olives but this is where it gets fun! let your imagination run a muck!
my moms pizza recipe (cut in half) is as follows
one small can tomato sauce
1 T sugar,
1/4 t garlic (i always add more cause im a bit of a garlic junky...its a natural anti biotic! why not!?)
1/2 t oregano
1/4 t pepper
1/4 t salt 
(honestly i am the worlds worst measurer (haha) so i'd suggest just to add the previous ingredients until it tastes good...thats what i do so those measurements may be WAY off. :) 
first off, you're going to take the buiscuts out of the packaging, preheat the oven to package specifications and  smush them as wide as they can go! :) 

make sauce! :) or, if you bought the sauce, open up that bad boy's lid and mix er around!
smother the heck out of those smashed buisuts! (dont judge that there will be one more pizza to the final pictures...the last buiscut was hiding in the bottom of the can!)
then, get about a cup of cheese. this should cover all 10 pizzas....and then some...i smother on the toppings. nothing worse than a dry pizza!
then, like aforementioned....slather on the cheese!! 

add whatever toppings you'd like, in this case, it was just olives. but i have done mini turkey pepperoni's before...that was pretty good too!
after they're all dressed up, pop em in the oven for just as long as the package directs or until dough is set and cheese is bubbly. :) 
start your party cause these pizza pennies are ready to roll!!
i love how easy this recipe is and i have never had left over or a complaint!! plus you cant get much cheaper!! 
let me know if you try it and what toppings you added and liked, didnt like etc!! 
happy baking!! 

<3 KBS

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