Mini Motivational Madness

My husband HAS to have more drive in one limb than I have in my entire body. He told me just last night when I was being skittish about changing my major "just pick what you really wanna do and be the best at it." though I had a hardworking mother, that sense of wanting to be the best was never really illuminated in my childhood. Mike (the husband) on the other hand is always looking and striving for ways to be better and work more efficiently. So, being the cheerleader I am, I wanted to do something to help.
He really looks up to a man named grant cardone. Cardone is a really great salesman and has been VERY successful! He talks about setting goals and reviewing them frequently but stating them as if they've already happened. This tactic is more commonly known as an affirmation.
I decided to make my husbands affirmations impossible to ignore by putting them on our bathroom mirror.
I didn't want it to look trashy by just taping them up so I went to town on my cricut. :) I just wanted to share incase anyone was looking for ways to feel more motivated.
I love that my husband is so dedicated to so many things; including me. He's driven to be put up to so many difficult tasks...myself being one of them. But in the last nine months he has really taught me so much! He makes me want to take my passions and run with them. He makes me want to be the best and most successful version of myself. People say success isn't everything...well. Yes it is. You NEED to be successful in your relationships, your church affiliations, your parenting your health, your dreams, your commitments. Success is everything. It's not limited to your job.
Go forward and be the best, most successful version of yourself...in EVERY aspect of your life.


  1. Thanks kel! We're gonna have to talk blogs next time I see you so you can let me in on how you did that overlapping action on yours! I messed with mine for literally and hour tonight trying to do something like that. Slash in sorry ive been holding your bin captive!