Singing For Soy


it has been so far so good in the Summerhays home and i am still happily on my health quest and honestly loving it! there is so much to discover and I've only hit the tip of the iceberg! props goes to my experimental husband..i was thinking the other day that i could NOT do this if he wasn't willing to try my yogurt brownies, swallow green sewer smoothies (which really aren't that bad...just a weird color) or eat anything i cook KNOWING that there is yogurt, soy or some other abnormal property to it. he really is a champ. :) it makes me feel a lot better knowing that sometimes he can't tell. the things i try making in a quest to defeat this battle sometimes are a hit and miss when it comes to taste and texture. but most of the time...its not too bad. tonight i wanted hot chocolate but i KNOW that is one thing that has ALWAYS made me sick. even before i knew i had crohns. i remember drinking it as a kid and regretting it. i have been slowly eliminating dairy from my diet, seeing what kind of a difference that will make. so as a treat i bought some 8th continent chocolate soy milk the other day. :)(other soy recipes!!!) ANNNND... today i heated some of it up, stirred a little crushed peppermint in and handed Mike a glass. i sat down with my own cup and he scolded me "you can't drink this! you're gonna get sick!" haha psych. he then realized once i kept drinking and didn't whine about his scolding, that it was soy milk. he said he wouldn't have even known the difference! :) healthy SUCCESS!!! nothing makes me happier than that! so, for those of you who may be on, or want to join the quest to a happier, healthier lifestyle...this is one thing that i recommend. silk soy milk is good too...but you CAN taste that it is soy more. :) however...anything is better than pumping unneeded milk hormones in your body. :) i am grateful for modern technology that helps me get the word out. i am so grateful every time someone says: "i read your blog...." especially because so many are unexpected. :) so thank you blessed followers. it is truly appreciated! i love you all. take care and be healthy! here's to 2012!! :)

<3 KBS


  1. Hey Kyli, "I read your blog" haha. I didn't know you couldn't have dairy. I have been experimenting with non-dairy milks (for the heck of it) and I love almond milk best. Also, Starbucks brand hot chocolate mix doesn't use powdered milk. It's just cocoa, sugar, and a little vanilla. When you make it with almond milk, it is heavenly! Smiths (at least the one in Cedar) has a huge section of really yummy prepared foods and mixes that don't use dairy. Amy's is a vegetarian brand that has some vegan options- it's pricey, but well worth it, her meals are delicious! You can even find some slightly cheaper flavors at Walmart. So, I don't remember what you can and cannot eat (because i swear I remember that you couldn't eat chocolate...) but if you ever wanna recipe swap, I might have some things you could try.

    In case this doesn't list who I am, it's Janelle :)

  2. Janelle,
    Id love to recipe swap!! I only have a few good ones cause I normally just make it up as I go, but I'll start writing the good ones down!