1.5 And Still Alive

I have now been with my husband for a year and a half. And have been married for five full months as of today. (can I get a "cuuuute?") we spent the day sleeping late, shopping, i talked to a stranger about natural healing after overhearing her say her granddaughter had crohns (i even gave her wendy's card...for once I'm prepared with something) getting coldstone, got an awesome car wash at supersonic (that's a date in and of itself) out to dinner, and purchasing a very much wanted tool set. :) (I don't want to hear about how much I'm spoiled anymore MOM...it goes both ways..:]) we are now tucking in to watch an undecided movie on my new couch AFTER We head out and get some munchies! It has been a fun day all in all but I'm blogging in hopes that those of you who aren't married reading this feel inspired and those of you who are, feel appreciative. Towards the middle of our day, I sat there quietly. I was reflecting on the fun we had had and everything we did through the day, as well as how much my crazy husband made me laugh!! I made the comment to him this morning that I couldn't have married someone not funny....he made the comment under his breath: you sure used to date some. How true that is... :) here's where the advice comes in... Don't marry the guy with the nicest car. Don't fall for a guy because of his tan face or his electrifying body. Don't decide he's yours once you see his payroll or his bank account. Beauty and money only last so long and go so far. Someday he'll be wrinkly and old with a pot gut and only living on social security. And all that is going to matter then is how he made you feel. How did he treat your children? How did he treat you? How special did he make you feel? Did the way he look at you or kiss you still give you butterflies after years of being together? Now I'm sitting here blogging, while a patient man is not complaining that laundry could be done or shelves could be organized...I realized today I didn't celebrate a year and a half with today with Mike Summerhays....I spent all day celebrating with my best friend. I know life gets hard and throws you earth shattering curves... The last five months have already done that. I know I'm not going to feel like this everyday if I don't work on my marriage. I know the "romance" fire gets a little dim after a while...but that is also why I know days like this are so important. That is why letting him get his tools when i could have thought of much more practical things is needed! When words and hugs faitheth, SHOWING someone through actions how much you love them will keep that pilot light of love burning bright. I'm so thankful for eternity and the patience, love and most of all honest friendship of a man named Mike. I really could not ask for more. Remember the sanctity of marriage and try to make it the best relationship in you life!!

Heres to the next 150 years, and beyond!

<3 KBS

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  1. Loved this post Kyli! I totally agree with everything said, love ya!