(Hopefully) Making Mama Proud!

Since i am not 5 months pregnant like my mom was at this point in her married life...i decided to take the less expensive approach to following in her footsteps by learning to sew. i saw REALLY cute sweater pillows on pinterest the other day, so i can take credit for these in the LEAST! the lady who originally posted the idea suggest that you get pillow forms. if i were doing it again, i would agree. HOWEVER, i had some pillows i got for way cheap when mike and i first got married...but they were a weird color and to be honest,  i just bought them cause they were on sale. :) so, i just gutted those cause they were there. plain batting works, but it just makes it harder.
i was too lazy to actually take pictures as i was going, plus...i burnt my finger with my glue gun in the middle of the process so i had a hard time even sewing the last one (explaining its abnormality). so if you want the tips on how i did it, message me and i'll send some instructions.
this may not have been the best sewing project to start with, and unless you are really good with a machine, i suggest you wait. my mom has tried to get me sewing since i took the required TLC class in seventh grade...but as those close to me have learned; unless its my idea, its not happening! so, when i bought the sewing machine a few months ago...i guess that was me saying it was my idea. :) i have since learned a few tricks from my mom and the other "tricks" i have discovered...i just make up. i think that is why i am enjoying sewing now. im not following patterns...having a teacher over my shoulder...or mom laughing at how frustrated i get. so if you don't like sewing, may i suggest trying a no boundaries approach? sure, things don't look super perfect when you're not being meticulous...but when the last knot is tied....the creation screams "me" and not "i was a six dollar wal-mart pattern!" and to me, that makes the flaws fun! so without further ado, i shall  unveil my first attempt at working with a difficult material. :) they may only live on our couch for a while...but considering it killed 5 hours on a night when my hubby was out of town...it was WORTH it. :)
da da da da....my sweatows! (sweater/pillows)

they are SO wrinkly they make me laugh!! but something about them makes my living room feel a little cozier, so i have accomplishes SOMETHING tonight! :) if anything, i hope they at least made you LAUGH!! :)

<3 KBS


  1. I LOVE them! I've been wanting to make sweater pillows for quite some time and just haven't gotten around to it. I do have a stack of sweaters dedicated to the job in my closet though. Gotta start somewhere :)

    1. Haha! Agreed! Its just a mayer of getting the mess out! And they WERE messy!!