Bored As Bored Can Be...

when i take days off because mike has those same days off, it throws off my whole week when he DOESNT actually have the aforementioned days off. in case you've missed it...i was alone on "our" day off. he went golfing tuesday and wednesday and thought it was a good idea to work. :( over it. so...like always, i slugged around the house "cleaning," did my thursday grocery shopping (favorite part of my week...lamely enough), and when all else failed, i crafted. luckily, i live literally five minutes away from the dollar store so it was just a hop skip and a jump to getting something that killed a good two hours of my lonely day. :) the dollar store has really squishy, really messy little green flower arrangers.
ignore the yellow stuff on it..i had moved onto the next project by the time i took this. :)
 if you buy them at wal mart you'll end up paying a few more dollars...but who knows...maybe they're higher quality? anywho...from my last post, i updated y'all on the sweater pillows i made. i decided to try and use the rest of the sweater so that it didnt go to waste (DI sweaters deserve a second chance, too!) so, i purchased some of those little messy green things and started to play around with them. i'm not a mega fan of the fact that they were hollow so i covered them with sweater. call me crazy, but a plain sweater circle hanging on my wall didnt seem like enough, so...i made little crate paper flowers. if you haven't seen those...they are way fun! (click the link!) http://www.theidearoom.net/2011/01/tissue-rosette-kissing-balls.html i glued a few of those on and created a mural--ish thing. i am not really sure. the purpose was wanting my sweater pillows to blend in a little more so i can definitely say they serve their purpose! my living room looks like its all geared up for winter... :)
theyre like pillows for the wall. :)
how it looks on the wall:)
until my next ridiculously sweatery project!! :)


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