Put A Rest To Rising!

there is not much better than homemade bread...and if you grew up with a mother like mine, it seemed like there was ALWAYS some sort of bread mixing, rising, baking or consumed. she was the queen of bread. people would pay her for it and i know why! there is nothing comparable to my moms bread. nothing. so, when she gave birth 21.5 years ago to a child who has no patience for the "rising" part of the process, i am sure her heart broke a little. i.hate.making.bread!!!! however, when i was craving it this afternoon and couldnt go to the store...i picked up Mikes IPad and started looking for a simple recipe. why it has never dawned on me to google "no-rise bread recipe" before is beyond me. i got out the VERY few ingredients and went to work. not only was it super easy, but i was very surprised. i literally mixed kneaded and threw it in the oven. i expected a very solid, very chewy bread, but when the timer buzzed, i belly laughed because they were HUGE!! it took me a total of half hour to make this bread. it smelled good, it looked good, it tasted good...it wasnt heavy nor chewy, and i think i am now an official bread maker. if its this easy, why NOT?!? i dont want to risk any copy right legalities and normally i only post things i make up...so i am only going to share the link to this ladies site! she also has other fun ideas to use with this bread and her whole site is adorable. without further hesitation, here it is. the recipe that changed my life! :) http://craftykin.blogspot.com/2008/10/back-as-promised-with-some-finished.html
try it. it wont disappoint!

<3 KBS!

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  1. Hi Kyli! thankyou so much and i'm so glad you are enjoying the bread recipe - here's to many happy bread making years! :) xx hanna