First Time Drug Free Since 2003

I have tried multiple drugs (medical ones, don't get the idea that I am chokin back the coke) to try and alleviate the symptoms of my disease...some have worked better than others and some haven't worked at all. As of late, my doctor thought it would be fun to tell me I needed my colon removed if i wasn't willing to try her medications. After I left with tear stained cheeks and a discouraged demeanor, I picked up my chin, called the kinesiologist, and in more or less words told her I needed to prove the doctor wrong! I am 21 years old and refuse to have my entire colon taken out. I have too much of a life to lead. That was about three weeks ago. I am due to have another round of my medication in a few days and
Am pleased to announce that I am symptom free...in a normal turn of events, I'd be very disease stricken and counting the days until I got my medication. I felt nothing but relief today realizing the appointment was cancelled and I would never receive a 4500 bill ever again! The only medication I am currently taking is birth control, which my insurance covers 100%. I can honestly say it has been years since I have felt so free and alive from the stresses of my aliment. I am so grateful for the life events, happy and hard, that have led me to this amazing, life changing woman who has so much passion and faith for what she is doing! I, like always, am so grateful for my husband. Never once has he degraded my opinions and has always supported what I felt was right for me. I couldn't be more blessed to be married to such an elect, patient and loving person. Ladies and gents...i am happy to announce that my life will never be the same. And it has never been better! Here's to 2012, health, and all things amazing to come!

<3 KBS

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