Love What You Do....And You'll Never Work A Day In Your Life!

there are VERY few things i feel sentimental enough to write about. if i am going to take time out of my day to sit down and do this, away from organizing my house, away from laundry (bummer) or cooking or complete attention to Mike, i want it to be meaningful. as many of you know, those "meaningful things" things normally have to do with my amazing health comeback or my mushy gushy love for my husband (gagged enough of you with that, im sure...so i'll chill.) or recipes that i feel may benefit most of the population. but this blog is going to be different.
near the end of October, i received a call from a pre-school called stepping stones. i had interviewed with them before they had opened, but needed a job sooner which led me working at Nissan. they needed a teacher and wanted me to come in for another interview because they were "impressed" the first time around. i figured it wouldn't hurt so i interviewed and got the job. due to this being a job in the morning and Nissan being at night, and considering with mike working like he does, i decided to work both since i was so bored only working part time. i was fine doing that up until a week ago when i had an altercation with one of the sales guys at Nissan and decided to just be done.
considering mike works roughly 50+ hours a week, i felt kinda guilty for barely working half that being back down to one job, but he didn't seem concerned so i was trying to let it go, my kinesiologist even said my energies were all messed up because i was so guilty for reducing my work time (not like i wasn't putting in an extra forty hours a week in laundry. :] )
however, right after my kinesiologist appointment, one of my bosses at pre-school called and said that they were taking on another centers kids and needed to open tuesday/thursday classes. my silent prayers had been answered.
i have the best job in the world. i work with such a talented group of ladies and i have never been happier with what i do. i feel like i have found my calling in life. i have tried other jobs to get a more colorful resume, but if my resume is forever one color because all i do is teach...i will be fulfilled.
due to the fact that i will be the only teacher those days, i am teaching all three subjects; performing arts, art and letters and numbers. i have been going CRAZY this weekend trying to get all of my prep work done with the extra work that comes from the extra classes (i only taught performing arts before). and as i stopped to take a breather this afternoon, i looked at my pool little living room and had to chuckle a bit. :) it was a disaster. i was cutting, printing, pasting, cropping, laminating, cutting some more, velcroeing, and purchasing supplies. i have never felt so happy working so hard and seeing my house as messy as it was:
i had to capture the moment because i wanted to remember this happiness. :) i wanted to remember that even though i had put in a good 8+ non-paid hours, my house was a mess, i had skipped two of three meals because i was busy and only 2 of my 4 limbs weren't asleep that i am so blessed to love what i do and get paid for it. not many people can say that. i am so happy that i get ten more little ones to teach and fall in love with. i know it is cliche, but i am so happy for everyday that they teach me things; patience, love, compassion, understanding, childlike happiness and unconditional love.
i have days where i am frazzled, or not feeling well...and i get the same smiles, the same hugs, the same happy attitudes and i wish i could go back to such a loving, non-judgmental state of mind. it doesn't matter if you're fat, skinny, colored, white, have acne or are the prettiest thing in the world...when you can connect with those little spirits on a higher level and work as hard as you can to teach them as much as you can...they are going to love you. it is such a relief to be able to be in an environment where you feel love day in and day out. no hostility and no angst. i feel so blessed and content. i know i am where i am supposed to be and the events that led up to it were meant to happen. no doubt about it. :)
because i will be teaching three subjects in other teachers classrooms i got a little inventive with my letters and numbers routine. its a travel board. :) here are the finished products:

clearly this is missing the clocks...but when i found laminate in my shirt and  my back was in a permanent rainbow...i called it a night. :)

this will be a VERY fun, kinda scary and new, yet exciting adventure! like i said, i love what i do! i know its not for everyone, but that is why it is special. :) stone gate has produced a wonderful program and i am so thankful to be apart of it. :)

<3 KBS
P.S. it would be wrong not to credit where i got these awesome calendar cut outs!! http://www.mamajenn.com/MamaJenn/CalendarTime.html her blog is great! check it out!


  1. Teaching is the best thing in the world Ky! I totally agree with you..it is so great to be loved at your job :) loved this post