so, for a very long time now i have had icky brown roots and a dull platinum blonde frizzy look that never really suited me...but due to the fact that i was a little cheap and not willing to get my hair done professionally, i always tried to rock it.
i knew exactly the look i wanted. i saw pictures online i had saved them to my phone and i was TRYING my hardest to get up the nerve to walk in somewhere ready to pay seventy bucks for a two toned partial weave, cut, color and style. i was so doing this!
i dyed my own hair again and it was lifeless and far from what i wanted. the roots grew again, the color faded, my hair was VERY dry. and like always, seven dollars for a box of the "nice" Walgreens hair dye was what was going to have to cut it...i could "rock it" for the rest of my life.
fail....it doesnt help that i can't grow my hair longer than my shoulders due to its CONSTANT cheap dye breakage.
uh uh. luckily my HUSBAND of all people knows a girl from work who does hair...professionally. not like how we used to dye it when we were bored my freshman year...like actual legit dye. the price was right and i didnt have to endure that awkward beauty salon small talk that the common anti-socialist, such as myself, tries soooo hard to avoid. (which was priceless!)
so she came over and did my hair and i wont lie, i am so excited about it that i am actually blogging about it. ha! all i did was show her the picture, she knew the tone and matched it perfectly...that's like a gift from the Gods (greek, mythical ones, naturally...that is the only way i can get away with saying "Gods" [plural] in Utah County..). i dont know if i have ever liked my hair so much. :) clearly...hence the BLOG POST.
with out further ado...drum roll please...here is proof that it is worth it to stay far far away from little box dye.
and crazy enough...it almost actually looks healthy...shocker!

<3 KBS :)

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  1. Kyli, I LOVE your hair! It looks amazing. You should get me her number ;) Love ya girl.