Excellent Elk

It has been almost ten years since I took a bite of red meat...and if you knew me back then, you'd know how much I loved me some hamburger. Turkey burger has made this tolerable..but recently I have discovered that elk meat makes it wonderful! As many of you know, I married an avid hunter. This year he was blessed enough to get a deer and an elk. He cooked up that first elk steak and I wanted some so bad. As some of you also know, I have been seeing. A Kinesiologist... And I have felt wonderful! So,I decided to test out my new found health happiness on some elk. No pain and better yet...no side effects (i'll spare you the details). So...the next time he ate some, I had two bites! Then I took half a steak! No pain!! Miracle? Nothing short of one, I'd say. I'm writing this post today cause I was so happy to make one of our favorite dishes with elk meat and many other healthy alternatives from a normally fatty dish. It goes as follows:

Mash up of elk and poor mans stroganoff!

1 pound ground elk meat (or any ground meat if you feel short of elk supply (; just try an make it lean and organic, if possible.)
1/2 an eight oz pkg of cream cheese, cubed
1/2 onion, chopped
1 Tsp Garlic powder
1 Tsp Dill weed
1 cup low fat plain yogurt
1 can low fat cream of mushroom soup
1/2 cup plain soy milk
1 box healthy choice rotini noodles, cooked.(or any brand healthy noodles)

Brown elk meat on low. Due to its low fat content, it will burn faster than most meat....so it must be low.
Next, mix cream cheese, milk, onion, yogurt, dill and garlic, and soup and mix until smoothish... There will still be some lumps.
Drain elk meat and combine all ingredients in the skillet. Stir on low until lumps from mixture have smoothed out and everything is heated through.
Cook noodles until tender and pour stroganoff over noodles. Enjoy warm.

Perhaps it's the herbs that can be raised for my new found health...perhaps it's the fact that this very lean meat is completely organic and when prepared correctly, stays perfectly healthy...perhaps it's both....I believe it is...and I'm so grateful for both. I'm grateful that mike loves hunting and that we have the opportunity to have access to that perfectly clean, steroid and processed free meat. I'm grateful he's seen me through with these decisions I've made lately. I'm pretty much the luckiest girl I know. :) try this recipe...it's cheap, good, and like everything I post.... Healthy. :) enjoy.

Merry Christmas!!!

KBS <3

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