EASIEST lasagna i ever hath made.

so, i wasnt in the mood to make an extravagant meal, but if you know me, you know mac and cheese only "cuts it" for so long. i needed wholesome!! so, while i was on one of my many savvy shopper smith trips, i was looking at "cream of" soups thinking that i rarely bought them, but they were on sale so they were tempting me. i came across a mushroom lasagna that sounded good (not that even if was nasty it would have stopped me, i was shopping while hungry! bad idea!!) so i read the back, only needed to purchase cheese and could be on my way. lasagna usually hinders me with all the cooked noodles and layering and "mix these two ingredients with this one ingredients and only let it sit for so long before you mix this and blah blah blah..." but i am pleased to announce that i only used 4 dishes total with this meal (not including the casserole dish.); two spatulas, a bowl and a pan. so, without further ado, i shall share the recipe and what i did to make it a little more diet friendly. :) enjoy.

1 can cream of mushroom soup. (there are low fat versions of this soup...wont recommend.)
1/4 c milk (skim)
1lb ground beef (i used jennie-o ground turkey. :))
1 can spaghetti sauce; mushroom. (i used traditional cause im not a crazy fan of mushroom and it tastes just great.)
lasagna noodles (recipe says cooked...i just use oven ready...so much simpler!!)
and cheese. i use mozerella cause its healthiest on my disease, you use whatever you want. :)

preheat oven to 400
mix milk and soup til smooth. set aside. brown meat and mix with spaghetti sauce. layer: meat mixture, noodles, soup mixture, cheese, noodles, meat, noodles soup and top with cheese. bake for about a half hour or until noodles are soft. :)

easy breezy!!

i hope someone tries this and if they do, let me know if you like it!! it was sooo simple! i hope you think so too!