there's always a method to my madness!

a few months ago, i married my best friend. cliche, sure. true, yes! i have never felt so lucky or so blessed to be with anyone in my whole life. i come with a mountain load of problems and he comes with a force to handle them so effectively. :) we're not the cheesy type, but i know its love. <3
being born and raised in happy valley, i cant help but nurture the idea that a married woman of my old 21 years should start a blog. :) does it feel natural? no...but ive secretly always wanted to do it and with pinterest on the rise, now is a better time than ever. 
i have my own veins of creativity sometimes so i am going to try and be original in my postings. a lot of it will be more life a "kyli and mike only" facebook page that someday i anticipate our children will mock. a tool for relatives to see whats going on in our little orem lives...pictures, once i get my camera...(hint hint, mike) and blurbs about how spoiled i am sure everyone already knows i am. :) 
i will post recipes for those of you who sometimes ask me for them and let you know what i like and do not like. i hope that friends and family on here have some sort of use for this somewhat odd little site :) 
te he. i wont lie, its fun. 
til next time---kyky

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