Baby Its Cold Out Side....

Brrrrrr....its getting cold and NOTHING is more appealing to me than a nice warm meal when its cold outside. :) i wanted to be lazy and go get dinner....but im so glad i was actually creative and used up some of the ingredients I've had hanging out for sooooo long. and, da da da da!! this meal is SOOOO healthy!!! it would probably taste better if it weren't but mike and i agreed it was purdy darn tasty for me just throwing something together at ten o clock at night. :) (we know its not good to eat that late...but when you're off work at nine, you eat out, or you eat late. we choose to eat late since eating out is a double negative) so, lets do this.

you'll need:
4 red potatoes
1/2 can of broth
3/4 cup corn
1 1/2 cups carrots
corn starch in 1/2 cup water
1/2 lb ground turkey

start by browning your turkey and chopping the potatoes into bite sized pieces. then boil them. once the turkey is browned, pour the broth over it and let it simmer. after a couple of minutes add the corn starch COMPLETELY dissolved in water over the broth and turkey. let simmer until it starts to thicken. at this point you can add your corn and carrots in with the boiling potatoes or in with the turkey...it doesnt matter
. once the potatoes are soft, and the carrots and corn are heated, add everything in with the turkey mixture. stir everything and salt and pepper to taste.

(don't make as big of mess as you can see i did though. :] )
we didn't add any seasonings and it was a little bland without salt and pepper. i imagine some onions or onion powder would do it some good. i don't mind bland, but mike is less apt to eat if its not salted and peppered like crazy. :)

enjoy! if anyone has any requests for me to try in any certain meals, let me know! i'd love to try anything new. Mexican  Chinese, Italian. :) whatever. :)

bon appetite!!

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