It feels like its been ages since I've updated this blog. I've been WAY too busy with naturalandnutty.blogspot.com but even my healthy posts need to be evened out with my cheesy posts about my love for marriage. 
I've been thinking about friendship a lot lately. Throughout my life I've never had a TON of TRUE friends. It seemed I'd have a new "best friend" when ever someone deemed them self that title. I always had girls talking behind my back or spreading rumors. 
I was the 15 year old who spent most of my life running home to mommy crying about my hurt feelings. 
I started hanging out with more boys because there was less drama. Until I started dating them and then instead of drama, they all ended up just breaking my heart. 
Lose lose for this kid. 
However, today I've texted mike like 17,000 times with no response. (He has a very busy job.) 
It doesn't bother me when I dont hear back. 95% of the time I call or text him merely because something beyond excitement has happened or I have good news or I need to vent and so on and so forth. 
We talk about my bajillion texts when he gets home, but as i sent the last text of the today, I sat and realized how purely lucky I am to have found the long lasting best friend I never had as a kid. I'm technically dating my best friend like I always tended to do, but this time I'm confident it won't lead in heart break. 
I was also thinking a few weeks ago how refreshing it is to trust someone with every secret I have and be able to talk about anything that's bugging me without the fear of judgement or neglect. I can cry and not scare him away but be comforted and calmed. 
I don't want anyone to feel like we're exempt from the challenges of marriage. We've had a fight or two over the last few years. :) but in the end, we're stronger and in my opinion, that much more fond of one another. :) I love the feeling of a fight ending. The term "kiss and make-up" is literally my favorite. 
I think we often take for granted how amazing it is to have someone who loves us unconditionally and even when we're pouting. (Is that just me? Okay...) I think of some if the hell I've put mike through needing to have my way and I think of the hell he's put me through putting the dishes away in the wrong spot. ;) (my life is so hard, I know.)
But by the end of the day, I love him. Simple as that. We bicker, we fight, we yell...okay, only I yell, but every night fighting or cuddling, I know there is no where I'd rather be than fighting or cuddling with my truest friend. I don't like being mushy and publicly cheesy, but I think it's important for mike to know how much I genuinely love and adore him. He works so hard to make me a happy woman and I don't believe there is anyone more fit for the job. 
Tell your best friend how much you love them...always. :) 

<3 KBS 

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