Oppressed by lack of Opinion

As many of you know, I'm loving my paleo diet. I was discouraged in the beginning not knowing where to start and what to eat. I tried to think of legitimate reasons to quit but something in me kept pressing on. Subconscious help from a higher being, I suppose...God must have known how this diet alone would change the course if my life...or at least I'm trying to decide if it will. :) this is where I need opinions.
Every time I try something new, eat something different or see something strange in the store I HAVE to research it. I have to know what the benefits or risks are of the things I'm putting into my body. I recently came across a recipe that required tulsi tea. Not knowing what tulsi was, but acknowledging it was from a paleo book so it HAD to be healthy, I spent a good three days researching it. AND THEN I went ahead and ordered some once I tried to find warning labels and couldn't find any. I now drink a cup nightly and love the way it makes me feel!
This is where I'm needing advice. I've been studying elementary Ed since I went to SUU in 2009. I've worked in childcare since I was 16 and am now teaching preschool. I love love love my pre school kids and love what i do...but I've been realizing that preschool is my cup of vata tea. Not my cup of tulsi. I don't feel like it's the very best cup for my health, mind, body and spirit. I can't, in good conscience, participate in the way school systems are in this day and age. So, I have put a halt on my education for the time being until I decided where I wanted to invest that money. I've been off for over a year. My moral compass isn't in a spinoff over it. But everyone around me seems to be in a tizzy that I've taken time off school. Apart from pleading the masses, I'm kinda bored not learning other than my Internet studies. So, here it goes. I'm contemplating, and need brutally honest opinions, going back too school next fall to be a nutrionist. No offense to UVU-ians, but I have no intention of going back there and I'm not sure BYU would appreciate my free spirit so I would be attending a nationally accredited trade school called the southwest institute for healing arts. I like the idea of a specialty school so that I can bypass all those classes that made me want to quit in the first place. I want to learn about health, healing and nutrition. Not algebra and art history. Not knocking either if those...they are just FAR from ANY cup of tea I'd drink.
So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me any opinions, positive or negative, you have on this new life transition. My husband, bless his heart, is ALWAYS willing to support me in any new venture I tend to jump into with both feet. I'm so elated with natural healing I tend to always think no matter what aspect of life it pertains to its THE best idea. Please help me decide small blog following. Comments are greatly appreciated. :)

Happy healthy healing!!


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