So easy, my HUSBAND could do it??

Holy hannah baloo! I've been craving breads, pastries, rolls and pastas today like no bodies business...and I almost broke when someone posted pictures of waffles on Facebook...so, like I love to do...I started some research. :) all I did was google: paleo waffles. And I started clicking on links until I there was a recipe where I had everything. And I got to work...out of laziness, you can find the recipe here: http://paleomg.com/almond-flour-coconut-waffles/
I was surprised how filling they were!i just used some raw honey instead of syrup. The raw maple syrup was like 8 bucks for a little jar. Uh uh. I will ALWAYS be cheap with food.
But naturally, my cravings couldn't just stop with carbs...but no, I needed dessert ten minutes later! (Can you say fat girl day??) mike said something about wanting cobbler so there I went again...googling like a fool...and I found a VERY EASY recipe that I think may be my holiday staple. :) http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp?recipe=1914361
So easy and easily versatile...craving apple pie? No...I will use this recipe. :)
I am absolutely loving everything about this diet apart from craving carbs. :) but if it doesn't get easier, I'll get stronger. :) here are some pics of my experiments today!! Yay paleo!!

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