I'm raising a baby caveman...

So this morning I made a paleo omelet for breakfast at mikes request. We sat down to eat and, being in the goofy mood he was in, mike started making snorting noises as he was eating. After I tamed my giggle I said to him: mike...it's called a caveman diet...you don't have to make caveman noises...he did his sarcastic glare and said: well, kyli, I'm gonna be so bold as to say cavemen didn't have forks!!!
I snarked back SARCASTICALLY: then eat with your hands!
Before i knew it his fork clinked on the side of his plate, and his hands went from his eggs to his mouth all before I could process.
The look on his face after was priceless In a what-have-I-done sort of way. I almost choked I was laughing so hard.
People always ask why I don't start having kids...truth is, I married one. :) but how colorful my life is now. :)

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