Favorite "Dinosaur" Food

I haven't liked some of the things I've tried in this diet...won't lie!! But there IS one thing that I have REALLY liked and always sounds good.
I kinda made it up...but I GUESS it's like an omelet. :)

Coconut oil
Frozen fajita (onions & peppers) mix (1/2 C just the frozen vegetable mix...I get mine at the dollar store, honestly)
And chicken. (I just boil a bunch and save it...always on hand.)
Salt and pepper

I start by adding coconut oil and
Mushrooms...and sauté away. Once the mushrooms are tender, I add the fajita mix and shredded chicken. Once those are in and cooking, I crack the eggs and beat them. Once everything in the frying pan has cooked I add the egg and scramble it until everything is cooked together.
Easy enough...if you're patient, you could cook it like an omelet...but I scramble it because when I'm hungry, lazy comes first. :)

I also had a salad with tomatoes and avocados with it...if that's not vegetable overload, I don't know what is. :)

Here are some pics... :)

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