Captivating carbs

Not a fan of crackers...don't care for pretzels and wouldn't touch most cookies with a 10 foot pole...but how did I NOT know I was such a carb-o-holic?? Pasta, tortillas, breads...until I decided to be brilliant and dedicate myself to this dinosaur diet, I didn't realize how much processed flour I consumed.
I didn't realize how tempting some of the treats the pre schoolers brought it were until I decided that I "don't" eat them.
You know those little cheese and cracker combos?? Yeah...they bring them in ALL the time and I've NEVER felt tempted until today. What's with this?? But...despite the temptation...I am proud to say I held my ground...:) and when I got home I ate nothing but chicken: spread on celery. :) I am going to try and made a recipe for cookies I found tonight..if they're good, recipe will follow. And I'm having my most honest friend over so I'm not worried about someone just biting their tongue with their opinion. I'm super excited! :) I was tired today...but I'm still feeling under the weather and have felt it more important to stay up late talking with the husband than actually sleeping...it happens. I like him a little. :) but everything I've read about this diet makes me believe it'll be worth it. :) so I press on! :) but I attached a picture of my temptations today, JUST for the sympathy of what I go through. :( haha I know, I know, I brought this upon myself.

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