Spicin' Things Up

hey friends,
quick post. i dont have a ton of time due to needing to pack for our fourth of July adventure that awaits us.
so, as i was taking a break for lunch today, i pulled out some leftover bow tie noodles i wanted to get rid of...however, there was MAYBE a cup of noodles and the only sauce i had open was some Alfredo...which, let me tell you, any sort of canned, packaged, or frozen Alfredo is on my "ick" list...so i wasn't at all happy about my find. BUT not wanting to make any thing new, i poured the Alfredo on the noodles and threw it in the microwave.
i think i starred at it for a good five minutes trying to convince myself that it was edible before i stabbed a lone noodle with  my fork and ate...still as nasty as i presumed.
so what i did next was actually quite interesting. i am never brave enough to play with  spices...but anything was better than the solid cream, sorry excuse for the so called cheap Alfredo! my creation was actually decent and made me like the nasty white paste! the ingredients are as follows:

1 C noodles
1/4 C (maybe!) jarred Alfredo
salt, pepper, Cajun powder, lemon pepper and basil to taste (i just used dashes of each until it gave my flavorless sauce a good color!)

heat it all up and chow it all down. imagine chicken wouldn't add too shabby-a-taste either.

happy cooking!!


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