All Hail The Holidays!

it has come to my attention that more people then i had originally anticipated are reading my blog. it makes me a little more shy in my writing but due to it being positive feedback, i decided to cast out all fear and keep it up. :) i appreciate the followings. it makes this feel somewhat worth it and not just me typing to myself. :)
i must start out with an all hail to a replacement of a holiday favorite! i have mentioned many times in the past few blogs my troubles with crohns disease. well, the holidays tend to be the hardest. i eat places where i normally don't eat and it is ALWAYS risky eating something i didn't make cause you just never know WHAT goes into it! i've had rumors started before that i am anorexic because i tend to not eat in other people's houses and i hated that label. so, for many years i have just eaten wherever, sometimes whatever, and have just had to deal with it when i got home. was it worth it? no...i'll take the anorexic labels.
i feel like i can ignore the yams, the butter drenched corn, the greasy turkey, the ham, the pies, the cheese wiz, the potatoes...but when someone sets that egg nog on the table...my heart melts and my knees go weak. never have i had such a love affair with a food item. however, though my heart says indulge, my tummy screams: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? it is a battle (silly enough) every year for me to not drink even the smallest cup of Gods GREATEST beverage. (alcohol beware, i come with a strong debate on the aforementioned statement.) however, running a few random errands today, i came across So Coconut Milk's greatest creation; coconut milk egg nog. as known as the most delectable drink we crohnsies could ask for!! i have tried the soy nog...lets just put it delicately and say liquid liver would probably taste better. i was hesitant to get the coconut milk version, but if i find a nice alternative, i knew it'd be worth it! all hail coconut milk egg nog! it is easily just as good as the real thing and coconut milk doesnt give a crohns girl a stomache ache.
if you dont believe how good it really is, remember...it was good enough/healthy enough for me to dedicate an ENTIRE blog post to it. :)

happy healthy (hopefully) holidays!!


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